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Creating Pathways to Success

We exist to guide and support Black Millennials and Gen Zs as they navigate the choices, challenges, and changes in today's world, clearing heads, healing hearts, and honing their hustle. - Lisa C. Williams Founder

Black People Forward


Black People Forward (BPF) provides culturally tailored programs focused on promoting Social, Emotional, and Financial Wellness for Black Millennials and Gen Zs empowering them to propel themselves forward in life.

Founded by Lisa C. Williams in 2020, Black People Forward (BPF) is a fiscally sponsored non profit organization dedicated to promoting emotional and financial wellness among Black GenZs and Millennials. We achieve this through providing Dope experiences (programs), exposure to new environments, and support for overall well-being.

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About Us

We Confront Today’s Challenges

The nonprofit is committed to eradicate health and wealth disparities for Black people, while simultaneously striving to sustain and enhance the quality of their lives, and create the necessary conditions to reach their full potential. Collaboration is key to achieving our mission. Our success is powered through partnerships with celebrities, influencers corporations and Shapers - aunts, uncles, coaches, barbers and stylists.


Lisa C. Williams has dedicated decades of her life to creating opportunities for Black youth, enabling them to gain exposure and valuable experiences. Through the nonprofit, Founder Lisa C. equips millennials and GenZs to restore emotional wellness, strengthen community connectivity, and dismantle disparities so the Black community can move forward.

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Community Connectivity

Who We Serve

Black People Forward Nonprofit exists to serve Black GenZs and Millennials leveraging community connectivity.  Our initiatives create change through exposure, experiences and a change of environments.   Our programs provide the building blocks to reach their full potential in the areas of social, emotional, and financial wellness.

Our compelling mandate: Addressing the wellness and wealth disparities among Black Millennials, GenZs, and student athletes.

“If you can’t fly then run,

If you can’t run then walk,

If you can’t walk then crawl,

But whatever you do, You keep moving forward.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Our Impact

Exposure to Better


Our Vision

To create a world where health and wealth disparities no longer exist for Black people.


Our Mission

To transform and save Black GenZs and Millennials lives through emotional wellness.


Our Team

To empower young Black individuals and help them identify challenges, foster resilience, create pathways to success to enable their continuous progress.

Our Impact

Exposure to Better

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Are You Good?

Provides Leadership & Peer-to-Peer Relationship Development.

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Dope Experiences

Various mentoring programs that consist of old school field trips or events with a new school flare.

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Clear Bad Headspace

These are non-traditional group counseling sessions where evidence-based and culturally responsive therapeutic modalities are implemented.

Partner With Us

Black People Forward partners with Shapers, individuals who positively shape the future of young Black people. Our nonprofit is a conduit that connects our partners with Black GenZs and Millennials globally. Community connectivity is crucial to our mission and lies at the core of our work.   
Whether you're a corporation, non profit organization, celebrity, or a Shaper, we can't achieve our goals without your support. Join us in making a difference.

Funding Partners

Partnerships are the cornerstone that shapes the work and the impact of Black People Forward Nonprofit. Every achievement we make is made possible through collaboration. Partnership Opportunities: Corporate Partners, Funding Partners, Program Providers



Your support will provide the building blocks necessary to help young Black people heal and move forward.   We welcome all donations, including one time gifts, monthly gifts, estate planning, matching gifts, and more.

News & Media

We’re committed to helping Black youth, young adults and student athletes WIN (Walk Into their Next)!   Learn about our activations, partnerships and events.  Learn about the range of services we provide. We’re constantly growing and expanding our service options, so if you have something in mind that we don’t yet provide, we’d love to hear about it.

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