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Our Vision

To transform and save Black GenZs and Millennials lives through emotional wellness.

Our Values

To empower young Black individuals and help them identify challenges, foster resilience, create pathways to success to enable their continuous progress.

Our Team

The Black People Forward Nonprofit team, comprised of cultural-focused professionals, strives to establish a secure and prosperous environment for growth and advancement.


Our Values

Our Vision

Our Team

Lisa Williams tradiotional headshot.jpg

Lisa C. Williams - Founder

Lisa C. Williams, the CGO (Chief Good Officer) of The BPF Group and founder of the non-profit organization Black People Forward, has an unwavering commitment to providing youth with transformative programs. Collaborating with corporations, celebrities, and influencers, she has solidified herself as an unstoppable force in the realm of youth empowerment and corporate social responsibility.

Lisa's journey in youth advocacy began over two decades ago, driven by her deep connection to black youth and her dedication to community engagement. As the community relations manager at the Los Angeles Daily News newspaper, she forged

partnerships with renowned teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Sparks, Kings, Avengers, and Dodgers, as well as beloved events like Disney On Ice. Through these partnerships, Lisa facilitated the distribution of one million dollars in in-kind sponsorships, furthering her mission to help young people thrive.

But Lisa's work didn't stop there. She recognized the under-supported and overlooked individuals within the black community and became devoted to impacting their social, emotional, and financial well-being. Lisa has made it her mission to "check in" on and support young Black individuals. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by Black student athletes, she has implemented a special program tailored to their needs, ensuring they receive the necessary guidance and support to overcome obstacles and thrive.

Community connectivity serves as the catalyst for the thriving of young Black individuals. Lisa extends a heartfelt invitation to influential figures and celebrities within the Black community to unite and make a significant impact. Together, they can create an environment that fosters growth, resilience, and ultimately leads to success. With her exceptional leadership and unwavering dedication, Lisa C. Williams is not only transforming lives but also making a profound difference in the preservation of Black lives.

BJ Armstead_edited.jpg

BJ Armstead, Phd (c), MA MSW, CMPM, CLC 

BJ Armstead had a much greater purpose than sports! A survivor of two suicide attempts as a high school student athlete, determined to make it to the MLB by eighteen and dealing with the pressure from family and friends to make it to the league became too much to bear! Fast-forward…. Armstead is determined that no other student athlete will have to suffer in silence like he did, and he has armed himself with the tools to support student-athletes of all sports mental and emotional wellbeing. 

BJ is a Morehouse graduate, holds two master’s degrees in social work and Sport Psychology and he is currently earning his PhD in Kinesiology.   BJ is engaging in extensive research in the Motivation of High School Student-Athletes. He is certified in Mental Performance Mastery and is also a Certified Life Coach. BJ Armstead founded Apollo Sports Counseling, a non-profit organization, committed to improving student-athletes overall mental wellness. 

Sidney Salvodon.jpeg

Sidney Salvodon - Volunteer

Hi! I'm Sidney Salvodon, they call me Sid — creator, founder, and futurist. I am going to get fancy and write in 3rd person starting on the next sentence… Sid is a goofy introvert with a knack for learning new subjects quickly. Some know him as a complete nerd— others may describe him as “that fast kid that used to run track.” Sid just views himself as an ordinary Believer on assignment. Over the last decade, he has helped scale two companies past $10M in annual revenue, and he helped build a finance community to 20K+ private members. Before that, Sid cofounded a creator-focused consulting agency. Worked in finance at State 

Street, and in partnerships at Blavity Inc. These days, he works at Google and writes about the nonprofit sector in his free time. When Sid is not working or writing— he usually spends time with loved-ones, volunteers, travels, or is learning a new subject. Sid’s journey has come with both wins & losses. Great success often involves overcoming challenges, and his story is a testament to the valuable lessons learned along the way. To delve further into his experiences, learnings, and everything in between—

FUN FACT: Sid's a product of Haitian parents 🇭🇹

Aniya Nicole.JPG

Aniya Williams Chief Culture Officer (CCO)

Aniya Nicole directs the culture and narrative of Black People Forward (BPF) and The BPF Group.  She is a talented creative strategist with a passion for connecting people and crafting unforgettable experiences. With a BS in Entertainment Business and a diverse background in the entertainment industry, Aniya has excelled in artist management, TV and film production, and live events and awards shows.

As a creative strategist, Aniya excels at elevating brands and start-ups, bringing fresh perspectives and contributing innovative ideas to team projects. Her expertise lies in evaluating business needs and designing and implementing effective plans and strategies to solve problems and streamline processes, resulting in more efficient work environments. Aniya also possesses extensive experience in community management and event and TV/film production.  Throughout her career, Aniya has been involved in prestigious productions such as the NBA All-Star Game, B-Hen's Block Party, HGTV's Flipping Showdown, Critics' Choice Awards, Latin AMA's, and the Streamy Awards, among others. With her organizational skills, drive, and out-of-the-box thinking, Aniya brings a perfect balance of professionalism and fun to every client she engages with.

Aniya is a true music enthusiast, she enjoys traveling, engaging in Christian events, spending quality time with family, and engaging in water sports.  

Our board of Advisors - Coming Soon…

The Black People Forward Nonprofit is fiscally sponsored by (F.L.O.S.S.) tax identification number is 47-3451951.

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