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Check Ins - Are you Good Bro? Sis?

Through this  innovative program, we "check in" and support the emotional wellness of young Black adults by offering a unique lunch or dinner experience with a celebrity. This allows them to engage in open and honest discussions on topics like "Are you Good Sis?" and "Are you Good Bro?". The celebrity will share personal challenges they have faced and how they overcame them, fostering shared experiences and facilitating peer-to-peer support. By creating these meaningful connections, we empower young adults to navigate their own mental and emotional journeys with the guidance of relatable role models.

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Dope Day and Dinner

GenZs and Millennials can spend an afternoon in a non-traditional educational setting, learning essential life skills and exploring topics relevant to their current stage of life. The day culminates in an evening dinner, where attendees dine with a Black celebrity or influencer. This special occasion fosters connection, learning, and inspiration, empowering young adults to navigate their personal and professional journeys.

"Put You On Game" Tour

Embark on an immersive emotional wellness journey tailored for Black millennials. This transformative tour, led by respected Black influencers, empowers individuals to approach dating and relationships with renewed intention and health. Explore strategies and tools to cultivate stronger, more fulfilling connections in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Dallas. Unlock the path to holistic well-being and relationship success through this empowering community connective experience.

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